Vertical Turbine Pumps

ACCA Pumps offers a complete line of Vertical Turbine Pumps ranging from 63 to 250 GPM. Based out of proven technology and made to fit other manufacturers of Vertical Turbine Pumps such as Goulds® Pumps, Peerless® Pumps, J-Line® Pumps, and Simflo®. ACCA offers complete pumps as well as Bowl Assemblies, Columns Pipes, Flanges, Spiders, and Strainers at competitive prices and reduced deliveries.

Applications for Vertical Turbine Pumps

Water Well Pumps

Vertical Turbine Pumps are the most common pump design in water well extraction; hence, their most common application. Water Well Pumps are commonly use in the agriculture sector for irrigations, municipal water extraction, transfer, and boosting. It is the pump that is most use among contractors, installers, and all users alike.

Pit Pumps

Depending on the booster pump application, Vertical Turbine Pumps are a great choice to increase pressure line. Vertical Turbine Pumps in pits are sometimes use to eliminate sediments and other solids from the water line. They offer advantages as their vertical installation offers a very small foot print and low requirement.

Fire Pumps

ACCA Pumps can offer a vast arrangement of fire pumps based on the principals of Vertical Turbines. Our range of fire pumps starts from very small electrically driven applications to very large capacity pumps driven by a combination of diesel and electrical power. Our most common units of fire pumps are designed for clean freshwater pump, but due to our engineering design and innovation we can offer special units that work with salt water for offshore application with a vast array of anti corrosion construction. ACCA Line of Vertical turbine pumps for fire fighting applications are compliant with NFPA 20 standards and are used in power plants, offshore platforms, commercial buildings, and all industries alike.

Canned VTP

Mostly used in the municipal water industry, canned vertical turbine pumps, Canned VTP, has seen an increase in usage and applications lately due to the increase in demand of potable water. Sometimes used as a boosting pressure pump in underground applications among many different soil types, canned vtp makes an exceptional choice by tying the inlets and outlets of the applications. Canned VTP is greatly used in high populated cities as it eliminated wet pit pumps in these applications.