PC Pump Rotor Rechroming

Rotor-RechromingPC Rotor ChromingACCA Pumps has the capability to bring back to life your spent rotors for a reduced overhead in maintenance. After initial inspection and measurement of your used rotor, we will provide an analysis of what it takes to resurface to OEM standard your Progressing Cavity rotor by Stripping, welding, Chroming, and polishing your rotor(s). We offer our customers choices during the complete process adding the value of complete control for quality and performance.

PC Pump Rotor Rechroming Process

  • Initial assessment of the Rotor body and rotor head
  • Stripping of current chrome or alternate coating
  • Welding of the Rotor wear line and Polishing
  • Over Chroming rotor
  • Polishing Chrome back to OEM or customer specified diameter