Allweiler Pump Parts

Allweiler is a German based pump manufacturer with a product range in Progressing Cavity Pumps. ACCA sells wearable items such as rotors, stators, drive shafts, connecting rods, and other components to fit Allweiler pumps. Our comprehensive approach to aftermarket spare parts and our field experience in the subject have allowed us to create a complete solution that competes not only in price but in performance. Contact us to receive more information in regards to our aftermarket spare parts to fit Allweiler Pumps.

Stators in our Product Range that Fits Allweiler Pumps

Allweiler StatorOur vast stator range nearly fits all models of Allweiler pumps. We have the capacity to supply straight wall stators as well as even wall in a variety of rubber compounds for different types of pump applications. Our program allows us to ship from nearly stock items to shorten deliveries across the world in the most common rubber quality. From metering to fluid transfer, Our stators have endured in the field to the most rigorous application fitting Allweiler spare parts.

Allweiler Pumps retrofit with ACCA Rotors

ACCA manufactures rotors in many different types of alloy, and we use an array of coating material for the long lasting application of rotors in Allweiler Pumps. The shorten availability of most common rotors have allowed ACCA to supply spare parts that will lower the total cost of ownership when replacing high cost parts for Allweiler Pumps. If you are looking for an proven alternative with a complete line of spare parts that nearly covers all models on the Allweiler progressing cavity pumps without affecting performance, please call us today as we will be cordially happy to assists you.

Proven Warranty in all our Items that fit Allweiler pump spares

Allweiler Pump PartsACCA Pumps offers a two years against manufacturing defects on all parts that exits our warehouse to fit in the place of Allweiler spares. Our parts will perform, fit, and function just like the OEM, and in some cases even outlast them as our know how of selecting the right materials for the current pump application.

For further information on our program fitting Allweiler pump parts, please visit the servicing page of Allweiler pump models.