Aftermarket Parts to fit Netzsch® NM

Our comprehensive aftermarket spare parts program gives you the option to the complete range of spare parts to fit Netzsch® and Nemo pumps without compromising quality and lowering  your total cost of ownership. When contacting us in regards to your Netzsch® NM pumps, please note that it is useful to identify your pump first. Mostly, NM pump models have a nomenclature as NMXXXAABBYSSW where:

  • NM: Pump Serie
  • XXX: Three numbers – Denotes Volumetric size
  • AA: Two letters – expresses Drive end and execution
  • BB:Number of Stages
  • Y: Geometry of rotor and stator
  • SS:Pressure in Bars
  • W: Joint connection

Netzsch NM partsStators to Fit NM serie from Netzsch®

ACCA Pumps manfactures a wide range of stators to fit Netzsch® Pumps. All of our stators come with molded gaskets and are made to fit the tolerances of your current OEM rotors. Our standard and customized rubber compounds allow for a perfect fit and performance in your application. Rest a sure, your Netzsch® pump stator will give you the ultimate life time usability and performance. The following list is a comprehensive list of standard rubber quality compounds available from ACCA Pumps


Rotating Elements fitting NM seriesNetzsch Pumps NM Serie

Years of field and sales experience have provided us with the knowledge to be able to supply nearly all rotating elements on a NEMO NM serie pump. We can even supply you with a complete rotating assembly to fit your pump. From Drive shaft to Joint Seals, ACCA Pumps manufactures all wearable items for consumption in different alloys as stainless steel, tool steel and rubber qualities. Whatever your application demands, ACCA  Pumps has the right pump parts at the right price.

Quality When It matters

Our pump spares have been used in some of the toughest applications  for municipal, chemicals, pulp and paper, and oil processing industries sometime even outlasting the original equipment manufacturer. Our warranty of 2 years against manufacturing defects is among the best in the industry, and our knowledge of progressing cavity pumps and their ranges is second to none. Our spares to fit Netzsch® aftermarket pump parts will perform and last as the OEM with the value add of lower costs and shorter deliveries. Follow the following link, for a complete list of servicing models from ACCA Pumps for your Netzsch® NM pump.