Aftermarket Parts to fit Netzsch® NE

ACCA Pumps supplies complete rotating assemblies and individual parts to fit nearly all Netzsch® NE Pumps NEMO®. All our Aftermarket parts will fit your Netzsch® NE serie pumps in nearly all standard configuration. Originally, Netzsch® pumps NEMO® NE series came with two main different types of Joint, pin and gear joint style. ACCA Pump can shorten deliveries and reduce your total cost of ownership in both types of configuration.

Understanding Netzsch® NE Geometry

The NE Pumps came with different style of of rotor and stator geometry. It is defined on the model number. the NE70 or NE69 and the NE90 or NE89 use the same drive end of the NE60 and NE80 respectively in a single stage configuration. However, the “pitch” which is the geometry of the rotor and stator is more elongated increasing the velocity and evidently the flow of the media being pumped. These two models of Netzsch® pumps are specially useful where the application requires a higher GPM maintaining the energy consumption of a smaller drive end.

Stator Materials available from ACCA Pumps to fit Netzsch® Pumps NE Series

Netzsch StatorWe work with our customer base to deliver customized rubber and special materials for their NEMO® Pumps when necessarily suitable for the application. From our standardized rubber compound detailed below, we can suggest an affordable solution to the rigorous applications where the Netzsch® Pumps are utilized no matter  the industry that they are installed.


ACCA Pumps Rotors to fit NEMO® Pumps

Netzsch RotorAlthough our standard material of construction for these pumps are based in Stainless Steel 304, 316, tool steel, and ANSI 4140. ACCA offers a complete line of spare parts for Netzsch® pumps that includes variation on rotor material and different coating options.