Quality Aftermarket to fit Moyno® L Frame

The Moyno® L-Frame pump was introduced in the early 1950s and has been Moyno® Industrial Products’ “bread and butter” pump ever since. The L-Frame pump has been used in numerous OEM applications over the past 40 years, including polymer, grouting and starch systems, and a multitude of other applications. ACCA Pumps has reverse engineered the complete line of Moyno® Pumps to fit L-frame series from the 2M1 pump all the way to the 3L12 pump. All our Moyno® Pump parts will also fit on current installation of these L-frame Pumps.

Moyno L Frame

When the L-Frame was first introduced, it featured the first bonded stator and a solid rotor pinned to a connecting rod in the suction housing and drive shaft between the packing and bearings. It also featured a hollow shaft as standard, threaded stator, exposed pin joints and cradle mounting to permit suction rotation to any angle about the centerline.

The AL-Frame pump is available as standard in cast iron and stainless steel metals. It is also specially available in exotic materials such as Hastelloy “C” and Carpenter 20. The Moyno® L-Frame was also available with both elastomeric and rigid stators as standard. Rigid stators can be manufactured of Teflon, tool steel and 416 stainless steel.

ACCA Pumps AL-Frame is capable of pumping against pressures in excess of 1500 psi. In fact, it has been manufactured in as high as 24 stages on smaller elements.

AL-Frame Features

  • The AL-Frame has the simplest rotor/stator replacement.
  • The shaft pin, located in front of the bearing housing, can be removed allowing the rotor, stator and connecting rod to be disengaged as an assembly.
  • It is ideal for light- to medium-duty applications.
  • The L-Frame is available in exotic materials making it an ideal choice for pumping corrosive liquids
  • It is available with rigid stators (Teflon, tool steel and 416 stainless steel).
  • The L-Frame uses heavy duty ball bearings which do not need to be replaced unless contamination occurs.
  • It is available in a wide pump element range with multiple stages.
  • Just about any type of mechanical seal can be used on the L-Frame pump.

AL-Frame Drive End Availability

Some applications require a larger drive end, either as a result of higher discharge pressure, viscosity or solids. Where the drive end needs to be larger, the next size drive end is considered and changes are made to the model nomenclature to denote the larger drive end. With the Moyno® L Frame line, an M-Frame is a pump with one size larger drive end than the element. A P-Frame has a drive end two sizes larger than the element. This same mindset was followed with AL Frame from ACCA Pumps and is denoted by AM and AP Pumps consequently.

As stated previously, larger drive ends are considered depending on application requirements. Selecting a larger drive end provides larger bearings, rods, pins and shafts, resulting in higher pressure and torque capabilities. The following is a table depicting the drive .size, element size and drive end nomenclature for ACCA Pumps that fit the L-Frame product line from Moyno® Pumps.

The AL-Frame pump has the following element sizes available. The theoretical capacities of each size are listed as well as the number of stages available.

Stages Available
2.241, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12
3.801,2,3,6,9, 12
65.0I, 2, 3, 6, 9
1492.71, 2
Theoretical Capacity and Stages of Moyno® L-Frame

The J-Frame uses the same element sizes but is only available in two stages as standard; three or more stages can be made special. Please contact the factory if more stages are required.

Original Review of the Benefits of the Moyno® L-Frame Pump Design

  • Positive Displacement
  • Lantern Ring
  • Packing Gland
  • Radial Bearing

A single rotating element generates positive displacement progressing cavities which deliver predictable, uniform, continuous flow. Head is independent of speed. Slippage is a function of viscosity and pressure and is predictable for all operating conditions. Follow the following link for a more comprehesive coverage of Aftermarket Moyno® Pump Parts

Non-Pulsating Metered Flow

Discharge is non-pulsating, uniform, predictable and accurately repeatable for any liquid or slurry being pumped. Capacity is approximately proportional to speed. With a variable speed drive, the pump becomes an accurate control for any process.

Pumps Variable Solids and Abrasives

Moyno® pump displacement is practically unaffected by variations in the solids or abrasive content of liquids. Only horsepower requirements change when long-term changes in solids content are planned.

Quiet Operation

The rotor turning in a resilient stator generates little noise. Pump noise runs well below 90 dbs. and predominantly in the lower octave bands … well within OSHA standards. The power source will usually be the loudest sound from a Moyno® unit.

Steady Capacity Under Wide Variations in NPSH

Moyno® pumps perform consistently, even under wide fluctuations in suction pressures. For example, a change from a 10′ suction lift to a 10′ positive suction head would have no effect on pump capacity. Pump capacities are directly related to RPM and not to suction head changes within its operating parameters.

Passes Particles

Particles up to 111 in diameter can be handled by the larger Moyno® pumps without difficulty. Should a sharp particle become imbedded in the stator, it is passed over by the rotor and the following fluid tends to flush it free.


Rotation on Moyno® standard industrial pumps is reversible. The pump performs with equal efficiency in either direction. Maximum rated performance is available, if necessary, for back-flushing lines or draining process tanks from their source.


There are Moyno® pumps for handling practically anything that will push through a pipe … from free-flowing liquids to abrasive slurries and substances containing relatively large particles. The wide range of materials in which the pumping elements are available assures you of obtaining just the right pump for your own particular application.

High Suction Lift

Moyno® pumps handle water up to 28 feet of suction lift.