Moyno J Frame

The J-Frame pump is the open throat version of the L-Frame design and was developed in the late 1950s as a result of viscous materials not being able to feed properly through the round, flanged suction ports of the L-Frame design. The J-Frame features a rectangular open hopper suction, with an auger connecting rod on the bottom. This series also has a pin joint drive train, but, unlike the Moyno L-Frame, it has a solid drive shaft and clamp-type stators. The Moyno J-Frame is only available in cast iron/carbon steel construction. In 1969, the bridge breaker option (JS) was added to the line to prevent semi-solid materials, such as filter cake, from bridging over the auger near the entrance to the pumping elements.

Currently, ACCA Pumps can supply you with J-frame spare parts and pumps. Our pumps will have a threaded stator to the discharge nozzle and the suction housing in comparison to the Moyno J-Frame as this improve efficiency and interchangeability to customers that have the L-frame pump as well.

Current Models of J-Frame Pumps to fit Moyno Pumps


If you need further information in regards to our open throat progressing cavity program, please let us know.