Moyno® 2000

The Moyno® 2000 series pumps were first introduced in 1987. The 2000 series pump features sealed stator bonds, clean-out ports in the suction housing, clamped stator, the most advanced gear joint metallurgy with a  gear joint seal and a one piece hollow shaft to reduce run-out and overall pump length. ACCA Pumps warrant our bare pumps and pump parts that fit the Moyno® 2000 series against defects in material and workmanship, with a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. The Moyno® 2000 series is targeted at two major markets municipal wastewater treatment and pulp and paper. Because of its rugged design, it is also used in the most difficult applications in other industries:

  • Chemical
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Building Materials
  • Mining
  • Textile
  • Tobacco
  • Food

Maximum Drive Train Life for Pumps that fit Moyno® 2000

Moyno Pump 2000Improved gear-type universal joints have seals that effectively prevent contamination of joints by the stumpage. Seals are easier to position during assembly, they are positively secured to the connecting rod to prevent leakage. Rugged gear joints are grease lubricated. They are designed to run at 180°F; far cooler than gear joints of competitor pumps which must use oil and require expensive double seals to retain it. Thrust plates incorporate advanced metallurgy, engineered for maximum heat dissipation and lubrication. They are pinned into position for maximum gear joint life and smooth operation. An extra length connecting rod maintains low shaft angularity, reducing stress on gear joints and bearings yet the pump is of a compact design. The gear joint shell is clamped and bolted for improved joint integrity. Pump rotation can be reversed without modification.

Low Maintenance Drive End on 2000 series Moyno®

Maintenance free, heavy duty tapered roller bearings are factory lubricated for ANSI B.10 design life and run far cooler. Replacement of the bearings should not be necessary unless contamination occurs. Rugged, compact castings result in less pump vibration, more dependable performance, quite operation and extended shaft and bearing life. The rear gear joint, located behind the bearing, greatly reduces the radial load on the drive shaft and bearings. It can be easily serviced without having to disassemble the Moyno® Pump.

Drive Shaft Configuration for Longer Seal Life improvement on 2000 Pumps

Moyno 2000A one piece hollow drive shaft reduces run-out, deflection is less than 0.002″. This configuration greatly reduces wear on bearings as well as extending packing life. The drive shaft is precision machined from high quality alloy steel, or type 316 stainless, and chrome plated as the sealing area for abrasion resistance. The stuffing box is designed to accept a variety of packings (with or without lantern ring) or almost any type of mechanical seal. The stuffing box is located just behind the suction housing and in front of the bearing housing. The pumps drive shaft telescopes through the stuffing box. The drive shaft must be sealed to prevent stumpage from leaking into the atmosphere. In normal operation (clockwise) the stuffing box is not subjected to direct discharge pressure. Continuous water flush or grease lubrication can be provided to the stuffing box to further extend packing life.

Moyno® 2000 Optimized Pumping Elements

Rotor and Stator geometry provides lessened wear due to slippage, extending the life of both pumping elements and enhancing pump efficiency. Precision. Standard rotors of’ either AISI 4150  alloy steel or type 316 stainless steel are plated with a heavy layer of dense chrome for abrasion resistance and long life. Stators are available in a wide variety of elastomers depending on fluids  to be handled. Stators are secured to the suction housing and discharge flange by removable clamp rings providing ease of maintenance and superior stability.

Other Features of 2000 series

The gland area sump is drilled and tapped to provide easy box liquids disposal of any stuffing. Inspection ports are standard on all 2000 pumps. The suction chamber may be  rotated to any position through a full 360°, reducing installation piping problems. Suction and discharge flanges mate to standard ANSI flanges for easy installation. A drain plug permits  the suction housing to be easily and totally drained before inspection or maintenance.

Aftermarket Moyno® 2000 Spare Parts Program

ACCA Pumps keeps a fairly large stock of Moyno® Pump parts to nearly all models of 2000 series pump in the current market. Stators, Rotors, Gear Joints, Seals, Connecting Rods and Drive shaft will fit your current moyno pump without modification or loss of performance.