Moyno 1000 series Pump

In 1988, Moyno Industrial Products introduced the close-coupled design of the Moyno 1000 series pump in North America. This design offers maximum performance value in a minimal amount of physical space. The close-coupled design of the Moyno 1000 uses standard, off-the-shelf gearmotors, eliminating the need for special output shaft configurations. The Moyno 1000 close-coupled pump can be supplied with electronic or mechanical variable speed drives, making it one of the most practical and reliable metering pumps available. In 1992, the Moyno 1000 bare shaft design, including an open throat model, was released to the North American marketplace. The bare shaft design provides maximum performance value with distributor value-added capability included. Specifically, the Moyno 1000 is targeted to be used in light- to heavy-duty applications typically served by gear, lobe, air-operated diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. ACCA Pumps currently do not offers a drop-in replacement for Moyno 1000 serie, however, we are currently expanding our development of spare parts to fit Moyno 1000.

Moyno 1000 pumps are being used for fluid transfer, extraction, feeding and metering applications and for moving large volumes against high heads. The Moyno 1000 pump has been put to the test and has proven to be an exceptional value in thousands of applications worldwide. Here’s why:

Highest-Grade Components

On all pump models, high-grade carbon steel or 316 stainless steel rotors, plated with a heavy layer of dense chrome for abrasion resistance, meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.

A variety of stator standard materials  as fluoroelastomer, natural rubber, EPDM, Nitrile are available to meet specific application requirements. Stators remain resilient and abrasion-resistant for high efficiency and long life. Moyno Industrial Products compounds the elastomers and manufactures the stators in its own facilities. Other special stator materials are available such as white Nitrile, hydrogenated Nitrile, food grade Nitrile, etc.

All wettable pump body parts are available in cast iron or 316 stainless steel, providing maximum resistance to corrosive pumpage.

Versatile Piping Connections

Pumps have 125 lb. flat face, cast iron flanges or 150 lb. flat face steel flanges on both suction and discharge ends of the pump. Four-stage, high pressure pumps have 300 lb. raised face flanges on the discharge end.

The suction port can be rotated to any of four positions 90° apart for easier, more versatile piping connection.

The Moyno 1000 open throat pump has a large open suction port that permits full flow of even the most viscous materials. An auger assembly conveys heavy material from the open throat to the rotor/stator elements quickly and steadily.

Low Maintenance Drive Trains

The hardened pin-type universal joint of high-strength steel is sealed and lubricated for long life and ease of maintenance. Low angularity minimizes The full strength and life of the connecting rod and rotor/shaft head are assured. No thin bushings are used. Each rotor and shaft head have a spare set of pin holes to extend their service life.

The universal joint seal design provides three to five times the life of unprotected joint designs. No metal bands or special tools are required to hold the seals in The effective stretch fit of the joint seal to the connecting rod eliminates potential cutting of the seal by bands during operation.

High quality pump packing is standard. The packing can be grease lubricated, or the stuffing box can be equipped with an optional water flush system to further extend packing life. Mechanical seals are also available.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Standard tools only are required for maintenance.

The drain plug permits the suction housing to be easily and completely drained before pump inspection or maintenance.

Longer Lasting Drive Ends

The connecting rod is precision machined from high quality alloy steel or 316 stainless steel and provides low angularity, minimum velocity and smaller universal joint contact area. This reduces friction heat and increases life and maximum torque for easier handling of heavy fluids.

The heavy-duty, grease-lubricated bearings absorb radial and thrust loads for longer packing or mechanical seal life. The bearings meet ANSI B. 10 life requirements and need not be relubricated until pump disassembly. The drive shaft is precision machined from high quality carbon steel or 316 stainless steel and chrome plated where it passes through the stuffing box to provide long shaft and packing life. The stuffing box is not subjected to discharge pressure.

Standard high quality gear drives (not shown) for close-coupled units. These pumps are available with integral motors, C-face reducers with separate AC or DC motors and mechanical type variable speed drives. Close-coupled pumps are designed for standard rotation only. Standard rotation is clockwise when facing the pump shaft (motor end).

Optional inspection ports on “E” size. and larger for internal inspection without moving piping. Optional two-piece drive shaft (not shown) allows for easy mechanical seal maintenance and assembly.

Moyno 1000 Nomenclature

The nomenclature of the Moyno 1000 is somewhat similar to the L- Frame and Moyno 2000. The pump model consists of the type number, materials of construction and trim code such as A2A-SSF-3AAA The first three letters and numbers identify the pump’s basic design characteristics. In the first space, a letter designates the pump type

  • A = Bare Shaft
  • B = Close-Coupled
  • C = Open Throat
  • D = Bare Shaft, 4-Stage, High Abrasion
  • E = Close-Coupled, 4-Stage, High Abrasion

The second position identifies the number of stages in the pumping element. The third position is a letter, “A” through “K”, which identifies the pump capacity per 100 RPM. They are:

  • A – 38
  • B –  .75
  • C – 1.5
  • D – 3.0
  • E – 6.0
  • F – 12.0
  • G – 22.0
  • H – 36.0
  • J – 48.0
  • K – 62.0

The following three positions, always letters, describe the pump’s materials of construction in component groups or parts. The first letter identifies the material of the suction housing, stuffing box and discharge flange. The second letter identifies the material used in the rotating parts such as the drive shaft, rotor and other metal parts in contact with the material being pumped. The third letter identifies the elastomeric material of the stator. The stator tube, being a non-wetted part, is always carbon steel.

The following letters identify materials used in standard construction:

  • C = Cast Iron
  • D = Hardened Alloy Steel
  • S = Stainless Steel, 300 Series
  • Q = Nitrile, 70 Durometer Hardness
  • R = Natural Rubber, 55 Durometer Hardness
  • B = EPDM
  • F = Fluoroelastomer


The Moyno 1000 pump is also available in exotic metals and a wide variety of elastomers not included above.

The “3” indicates the revision level of the product. Level 1/3″ models refer to those units sold in the U. S. and Canada. Following materials of construction, the trim code identifies the common sealing,internal and rotor variations present in the Moyno 1000 pump. The chart on the following page covers the complete standard range.

Sealing Variations

  • A = Standard Packing
  • C = Teflon Packing
  • D = Double Mechanical Seal
  • S = Single Mechanical Seal

Internal Variations

  • A = Standard Plated Drive Shaft
  • B = Non-Plated Drive Shaft

Rotor Variations

  • A = Standard Size With Chrome Plating
  • B = Non-Plated
  • C = Undersized
  • E = Oversized


Whenever an “X” appears in the trim code, there is a special component present in the pump. Therefore, review the order data or consult the factory for assistance in identifying the special component.

Performance Characteristics

The Moyno 1000 progressing cavity pump offers a wide range of performance characteristics which provide great versatility and dependability. These characteristics are listed below and are quite similar to the characteristics offered by the Moyno 2000 and L-Frame product lines.

  • Positive displacement. A single rotating element generates progressing cavities
    delivering uniform, continuous flow.
  • Non-pulsating flow. Output is smooth and uniform at any speed; delivery is steady even
    at low flow conditions.
  • Accurate, repeatable flow. Capacity is proportional to speed. With a variable speed
    drive, the Moyno 1000 pump becomes a highly accurate metering pump.
  • Head independent of pump speed. Slippage, a function of viscosity and pressure, is
    predictable for all operating conditions.
  • Low NPSH requirement. Capacity remains steady even under wide variations in
    suction head.
  • Self-priming. As long as there is material in the suction line, the pump cannot vapor
    or air lock.
  • High suction lift. Moyno 1000 pumps can suction lift water up to 28 feet.
  • Low-shearing action. There is minimum degradation of shear-sensitive materials in a
    progressing cavity pump.
  • Minimum wear when handling abrasive fluids. Should abrasive particles become
    imbedded in the stator, they are passed over by the rotor and fluid flow tends to flush
    them free.
  • Viscosities over 1,000,000 cps. Moyno 1000 pumps move some materials once thought
    to be unpumpable … materials no other pump types can handle.
  • Hard particles to 1.1″ diameter. Moyno 1000 pumps handle entrained solids without
    damage to either pump or product.
  • A Moyno 1000 pump performs with equal efficiency in either direction; for
    example, when back-flushing lines or draining process tanks from their source.
  • Design simplicity. No pistons, valves or timing gears to wear out or gum up.
  • High efficiency. The compression fit between the rotor and stator of a Moyno 1000 pump provides high volumetric and mechanical efficiency.
  • Low noise. Runs smoothly and quietly with almost no noise or vibration.
  • Maintenance ease. Wear parts are easy to reach and replace.
  • Wide temperature range. Rotor/stator combinations are available for service up to 350oP.
  • A Moyno 1000 does not need the air supply some other types of positive displacement pumps require. For example, an air-operated diaphragm pump requires an outside air supplywhich is provided by an air compressor.
  • Easy to regulate. The progressing cavity principle makes it a natural for metering applications.
  • Superior abrasion resistance. Moyno 1000 pumps successfully handle materials that can destroy many types of pumps.
  • High pressure capabillity. Much higher than a centrifugal pump with improved efficiencies and lower cost.
  • Optional inspection plates. Allows quick inspection of pump interior.
  • Optional close-coupled configurations. Moyno 1000 pumps are also available in a c1ose-coupled design, offerlng maximum performance value in a minimal amount of physical space.
  • The ability to “couple” standard off-the-shelf gearmotors (no modifications) to Moyno 1000 close-coupled pumps eliminates the cost and timely delays caused by other close-coupled positive displacement pumps that require special output drive shaft configurations.
  • Optional open-throat configurations. Moyno 1000 pumps are also available with a large
    open throat and auger feed for handling thick heavy materials.
  • Two-piece drive shafts are standard on mechanical seal equipped pumps and are optional
    on packed pumps. This two-piece shaft allows for ease of seal maintenance and assembly.

As you can see, the Moyno 1000 progressing cavity pump is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Your responsibility is to take this product to the positive displacement market, replacing gear, lobe, air-operated diaphragm and peristaltic pumps in applications better suited for the Moyno 1000.

Moyno 1000 Specifications

  • Available in 1-, 2- and 4-stage configurations.
  • Capacities from .38 to 323 GPM at maximum speed.
  • Pressure capabilities …

                  l-stage:      87 psi

                 2-stage:      175 psi

                 4-stage:      350 psi

  • For a very cost-effective pump to be used in abrasive applications, the Moyno 1000 is available in a reduced pressure capability 4-stage model. These pumps utilize the drive end of a 1- or 2-stage model and combine them with a 4-stage element fer long life in abrasive The standard bearing frame models are designated the “0” series, and the 4-stage models in close-coupled configuration are designated the “E” series.


 GPM  Overall  GPM  Overall
Model100SuctionDischargeLength* Model100SuctionDischargeLength*
 RPM    RPM 
A2A.381.501.2525.0 BIB.751.501.5034.5
AlB.751.501.5022.5 B2B.751.501.5039.0
A2B.751.501.5027.0 E4B.751.501.5048.0
D4B.751.501.5036.1 B4A.382.001.2546.8
A4A.382.001.2534.9 BIC1.502.002.0037.6
AlC1.502.002.0025.7 B2C1.502.002.0042.8
A2C1.502.002.0030.9 E4C1.502.002.0053.5
D4C1.502.002.0041.6 B4B.752.501.5052.3
A4B.752.501.5043.8 BID3.002502.5040.6
AID3.002.502.5032.2 B2D3.002.502.5047.7
A2D3.002.502.5039.2 E4D3.002.502.5061.8
D4D3.002.502.5053.3 B4C1.503.002.0057.1
A4C1.503.002.0048.6 BIE6.003.003.0044.1
AlE6.003.003.0035.6 B2E6.003.003.0052.9
A2E6.003.003.0044.4 E4E6.003.003.0070.7
D4E6.003.003.0062.2 B4D3.004.002.5073.7
A4D3.004.002.5067.5 BIF12.004.004.0055.5
AlF12.004.004.0049.3 B2F12.004.004.0066.6
A2F12.004.004.0060.4 B4E6.004.003.0085.0
D4F12.004.004.0082.6 BIG22.04.004.0061.3
A4E6.004.003.0078.8 CIE6.003.0048.0
AlG22.004.004.0055.1 C2E6.003.0056.8
A2G22.004.004.0068.0 CIF12.004.0059.6
D4G22.004.004.0093.7 C2F12.004.0070.8
A4F12.006.004.00103.2 CIG22.004.0067.6
AlH36.006.006.0071.6 C2G22.004.0080.4
A2H36.006.006.0086.1 CIH36.006.0083.1
D4H36.006.006.00115.1 C2H36.006.0097.6
AU48.006.006.0077.0 ClJ48.006.0088.6
An48.006.006.0096.8 C2J48.006.00108.4
AlK62.006.006.0083.7 CIK62.006.0095.3