Moyno Pumps

ACCA Pumps has reversed engineered the most common models of Moyno Pumps in today’s market. ACCA Pumps are designed to meet the most rigorous and versatile industrial demands. These include exacting requirements for abrasives flow and high viscosity content. In addition, precision tolerances are in place for metering specifications inherent in chemical and pharmaceutical production. 


Moyno Pump

A2000 Series
Capacities to 750 GPM
Pressures to 500 PSI

A2000 is our state-of-the-art work-horse designed for general purpose and heavy duty uses. Often used for WWTP, Industrial, and Pulp & Paper transfer. Our A2000 pumps are drop-in fitting Moyno 2000 series.




AJ Series
Capacities to 100 GPM
Pressures to 150 PSI

Especially suited to chemical and Industrial slurry. Our AJ pumps are drop-in fitting of Moyno J Frame. It offers superior features with long life and low maintenance.


AL Series
Capacities to 400 GPM
Pressures to 760 PSI

Another general purpose pump with guaranteed reliability. Offers a wide range of model selections in varying suction and discharge levels. Our AL series pumps are drop-in fitting Moyno L Frame Pumps.




Moyno 500 PumpA500 Series
Capacities to 53 GPM
Pressures to 150 PSI

One of the most versatile little pump in the market with a wide range of applications and usage. Our A500 series pumps are similar to Moyno 500.


Typical Applications for Progressing Cavity Pumps 

Carbon Black SlurryDyeLapping Compound
Butadiene – Styrene LatexEpoxy ResinPolyvinyl
Foam RubberFertilizerPolyvinyl Acetate
LatexFiberglass Resin BinderBentonite Clay & Water
Polyethelene SlurryIron OxidePaper Coating
Rubber CementLiquid PhosphorousPaper Pulp
Talc & SoapstoneMagnesium HydroxideStarch
Grease ScumMercuryAmmonia Paste
Lime SlurryOrganic SaltGlue
Plant SewageVarnishLinoleum Adhesive
Raw and Digested SludgePotassium HydroxidePlywood Glue
Raw SewageSea WaterDrilling Mud
Sulphuric AcidSodium HydroxideSoap Stock
Phosphoric AcidTitanium DioxidePolymers
AlumUrea FormaldehydeCoolant
Alumina OxideVinegar & Hard CiderCoolant Oil
Ammonium HydroxideAsphalt EmulsionCrude Oil
Ammonium NitrateCaulking CompoundGrease
Aqueous AmmoniaCement & SandJP4 and JP5 Jet Fuel
Black LiquorGypsumSlop Oil
BrineMineral Wool SlurryPetroleum Jelly
Calcium CarbonatePerliteĀ®Animal Blood
Carboxy Methyl CellulosePlasterAnimal Fat
CausticSlaked LimeGlycerine
Citric Acid SlurryStarchPalm Oil or Cottonseed Oil
DetergentStuccoFruit Pulp
Dilute Hydrochloric AcidGrinding CompoundTobacco & Water Slurry


Pump Parts to fit Moyno Pumps

Parts fitting Moyno Pumps are the Backbone of ACCA’s Reputation

Moyno spare partsACCA is the premiere manufacturer of a full range of Moyno pump parts. A key to our success in the replacement parts arena has been the versatility of our parts. That is, ACCA parts are manufactured to fit not only ACCA pumps but also NOV Moyno pumps. ACCA guarantees that replacement parts will meet or exceed performance standards for any pump on which they are installed. Our enhanced quality standards, interchangeable fit and competitive pricing will suit both your operations needs and your budget requirements.

Rotors Durability and Precision That fit Moyno Pumps

ACCA rotors are exactingly produced through computer-directed machining to ensure precision tolerances. Each rotor is inspected at least five times and undergoes strict testing to verify metal integrity. In addition. ACCA rotors are chrome-plated to an extra heavy thickness (50 or more). This process falls within required tolerances and maintains the perfect fit required to allow interchange with other pumps.

Rotor types available include:

  • One-piece (integral head), heat treated, extra chrome rotors
  • Standard ACCA general application, non-heat treated rotors with extra chrome
  • Cast alloy, abrasion resistant rotors

Stators Proven Staying Power and no Compromise in Moyno Pumps

ACCA Pumps utilizes computer-generated tooling in their upgraded manufacturing process to ensure that stators can withstand extreme production conditions. Component parts and raw materials are produced to ACCA’s rigid specifications and thoroughly inspected before manufactured into ACCA stators. Stator fit is thoroughly tested to meet or exceed specifications for both pressure and capacity at the final inspection phase. Both standard and special sizes are available. No matter what specifications the ACCA stators are produced for, ACCA stators are warranted for top performance. Stators are molded in Flouro Elastomers, nitrile (buna), urethane, natural, EPDM and other rubber compounds.

In these competitive times. quality no longer means a “slogan” or a management concept. Now. quality means adherence to strictly defined standards which will identify “up-to-par” manufacturers worldwide. At ACCA. our Quality Control initiative has taken many forms. Our quality efforts extend to every aspect of our operations including service and sales follow-up. Quality control is most readily apparent in our manufacturing testing phases. Component parts and the finished pumps are examined and tested 100 prior to shipping. All ACCA testing is conducted in-house. Certified testing is available upon request. As our warranties on both pumps and replacement parts demonstrate. ACCA is determined to be the leader. not the follower in the progressing cavity pump market.

Engineering, Research and Development – The Path of Continued Growth

At ACCA. we’re not satisfied resting on past successes, Research and development continues to make enhancements to out Series pumps and to improve component compounds for ACCA stators. Our customers have seen the results of ACCA’s ongoing development efforts. In fact, ACCA has conducted applicatton-spectflc research projects at the customers’ requests. We’ve come a long way from our original mission as a parts producer to stand at the forefront as a leading OEM in the pump industry.

Customer Service ACCA‘s Willingness to Go the Extra Mile

A more personal approach to service is ACCA’s trademark. As a result. we do more for our customers because we address their technical problems as our own. ACCA sales and engineering personnel are available for consultation far beyond the point of sale. It’s our way of assuring that our pumps and parts perform exactly the way you expect.