Progressing Cavity pumps

When it comes to handle high viscous, slurries, sludges and shear sensitive liquids, ACCA Progressive Cavity Pumps are at the front of efficiency and durability. Qualified Application Engineers are available to answer questions in all different aspects of manufacturing and designing the right pump for you. Needing a pump to replace a current application without modifying baseplate and/or piping? We will guide you through the selection process, and follow-up after installation to guarantee fit and performance. Special Features like these are why our progressing cavity pumps do a superior job in a variety of applications.

Centrifugal Pumps

Based on the great success of others manufacturers of Centrifugal Pumps, ACCA offers a complete line of replacement spare parts and pumps that will fit a great number of models and sizes of the most common ANSI and API centrifugal pumps in the market today. The high standards that have made of one of the leaders in the PC market go into each centrifugal pump and part supplied by us. Our commitment is to reduce your overall cost and delivery of long lead items without the compromise of quality.