Sump Pumps

MODELS SD-50, SD-75, SD-100 and SD-200

Submersible Multi-Purpose Sump Pump

Features & Construction:

* High torque motor with large service factor
* Thermal overload protection
* Hardened stainless steel motor shaft
* Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel motor housing (SD50 & SD75 series electro-chrome)
* Durable construction yet lightweight for easy portability
* Mechanical seals in seperate chamber with secondary lip seal; mechanical seals run in a separate oil-filled compartment, lip seal design prevents corrosives and solids infiltrating primary sealing unit
* Strainer provided for high efficiency and clog-free pumping


* Telephone and utility transformer vaults
* Excavation & construction sites
* Basements
* Grain elevators
* Cooling towers
* Fire cleanup
* Other applicaitons requiring high volume water disposal

Optional Equipment:

* Automatic version available with piggy back float (up to 2 HP) or control panel and float




Sump Pumps from ACCA Pumps Inc.