Slurry Pump

Clog-Free Vortex Impeller: The vortex impeller leaves a wide unobstructed passage for the volute carrying large solids and abrasives out through the discharge. Long fibrous material is pumped without risk of blockage. In addition, the absence of narrow clearances eliminates blockage problems.

American Made: Designed and engineered for rugged, reliable and efficient performance, ease of operation and easy service. Slurry Pumps are manufactured in the USA. Therefore, no delays waiting for parts to arrive. American made means quality made.

Stainless Steel Slurry Pump Version:

* The P-50 CSSE pump comes in an all stainless steel version (316 ss); O-rings are Viton; mechanical seals are silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide. This version is also approved by MSHA for use in mines.

Standard Features for our Slurry Pumps:

* Impellers - Standard impellers are made of stainless steel (17-4 pH), capable of handling both heavy abrasives and chemical attacks.
* Seals - Silicon carbide vs. silcon carbide
* Fasteners & Shaft - Stainless Steel
* Thermal Protection - The contactor is located in the head of the pump. Klixons are wired directly into the contactor thus eliminating the need for a contactor in the control box.
* Cable & Control - All units come with 50 ft. of heavy duty cable, and a control box with circuit breaker.
* Volute - hardened cast iron for abrasive wear.
* All models vailable in both MSHA and non-MSHA approved versions.


* Pumps can be hardcoated and teflon impregnated for extra protection in those extremely harsh operating environments. The process is dramatically effective and economical.


slurry pump


Slurry Pumps from ACCA Pumps Inc.