Grinder Pumps

MODELS SG-200, SG-200/1, and SG-300

Grinder Pumps

For residential, industrial and municipal wastewater applications. All solids are reduced to particles allowing the use of small diameter piping connected to the conventional sewage system.


* 2 HP & 3 HP


* Completely watertight cable entry sealed with epoxy resin. The individual cores are embedded in cast resin to prevent water tracking.
* Durable cast iron outer case with amply dimensioned colling ribs achieves superior heat dissipation.


* Oil-free hermetically sealed, with built-in thermal overload protector.
* 1 & 3 phase, 2 pole, 60 Hz 3450 rpm, Insulation Class F=155°C, Protection type IP68. (50 Hz version available upon request.)

Grinder & Impeller Ring:

* Grinder impeller and shredder ring are replacable, no need to take pump apart. The parts are made of High Chrome Steel with hardness of 55-58 Rockwell C to break up paper, textile material and soilid contaminants in the wastewater.


* Individual residential and low pressure sewer applications.
* Pump slurry or wastewater to a treatment plant, lagoon, or gravity manhole through a discharge pipe as small as 1.25" in diameter.
* Waste treatment for villas, summer houses and other residential areas which cannot be directly connected to the existing sewage system.




Grinder Pumps from ACCA Pumps Inc.